Pokemon Sun/Moon Dev Weighs in on Fan Games

This year has seen many fan games get shut down or changed after companies took issue with the unlicensed usage of their intellectual properties. Nintendo was at the forefront of many of these, including the fan-made Pokemon Uranium, which was released after 9 years in development and then quickly removed from the internet. Now, in an […]

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The Best Fan-Made POKÉMON Games You Need to Play

As of February 27, 2016, Pokémon will officially be twenty years old. That’s two whole decades of wildly addictive games that showed us the joy of being the very best, like no one ever was. That’s 7,300 days of making immortal ten-year-old children journey into the wilderness, poaching animals, and forcing them to fight for sport. And […]

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7 Pokémon Fan Games You Need to Try

If you’re over spending time with friends, doing homework, and trying to make something of your life, have we got a new time-waster for you — Pokémon fan games! Using the Essentials kit, Pokémon fans with talent, time, and coding skills have created their own versions of the beloved game. Put down Fallout 4, slap on that trainer hat, and get […]

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How to Be a Pokémon Fan

Get all of the Pokémon games. Try to collect EVERY single game from every Generation. It’s OK if you can’t though, some are tough to get your hands on. Know every Pokémon’s name. There are over 800 Pokémon discovered so far. This is difficult and may take some time before learning all of the Pokémon. Watch the Pokémon anime […]